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VoIP -voice over Internet protocol- is revolutionizing the way people communicate. At LogiTel we design and manufacture unique VoIP and mobility products created to help businesses and service providers take advantage of the latest in leading edge technology. We also provide consulting services for enterprise, carrier and Government clients implementing VoIP, wireless and “converged” voice and data product solutions or requiring strategy development, Mergers & Acquisition support and operational improvements.

Are you confused by all the different choices and technologies? Are you looking for the right VoIP solution for your enterprise network? For domestic or international call termination? For the switching intelligence in your residential or business service offering? Look no further, LogiTel has what you need and we make it simple.

LogiTel products are engineered to combine the highest reliability with ease of use, and uniquely integrate VoIP, TDM and cellular capabilities with intelligent user interfaces. The result is an easy to implement, robust and flexible solution, backed by a commitment to superior customer support.

Check out our product solutions and consulting services and see why LogiTel is the logical choice.

Single or Multi-Office Enterprise


     The IVID™ E-Series is the answer for single or multi-location businesses.

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   The IVID™ C-Series Carrier Centrex Switch - a scalable and cost effective    solution for hosting IP voice service.

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    The IVID™ MR-Series is designed for secure Government voice network applications.

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   Operational and strategy consulting services - creating value for telecom and high tech companies throughout the world. Equipment manufacturing and service creation - VoIP, Wireless, ILEC, and Internet.

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