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The LogiTel™ MR 1060 Mesh Router

The LogiTel MR 1060 is a Joint Interoperability Test Command approved (, TDM/ISDN mesh router that intelligently maps voice channels between devices such as PBX’s, switches and routers enabling cost effective channel assignment and control. The MR 1060 provides channel by channel mapping from an ingress span (T1 or E1) to an egress span (T1 or E1). It utilizes a number of standard tools including hunt groups, span matching and digit stripping that enable call centers, enterprises and carriers to cost efficiently manage port utilization.

The initial application of the MR 1060 is within the Department of Defense Telecommunications Network. Built with security in mind it is being used to facilitate calls between public, secret and top secret levels of encryption. The MR 1060 is designed to allow military users to dial an extension, which automatically selects the level of security (secret or top secret) to complete the call. In this application the MR 1060 is isolated from any form of remote access and operates in a completely secure environment.

The MR 1060’s key features are as follows:

  • Cost effective design enables quick payback
  • Standards compliant (Q931, Q921 and TR 41459)
  • Secure design minimizes intrusion concerns.
  • Enables enterprises, carriers and call centers to minimize port costs.
  • Increases call routing efficiency.
  • Rugged enclosure and physical hardware
  • Sophisticated design minimizes latency
  • Maximizes scalability of call intensive enterprise, carrier and call center networks.
  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Passed interoperability testing with the Joint Interoperability Test Command (Department of Defense)
  • Certified for use in the Department of Defense - Defense Red Switched Network

Similar uses for the MR 1060 exist in any switched voice environment where there is a need to minimize port costs by intelligently routing calls to pre-assigned ports on PBXs, switches or routers. The MR 1060 can substitute for additional port cards on a PBX or switch providing cost savings of over 50% while adding flexibility and diversity to the internal network.

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