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IVID™ E-Series

The Ivid™ E-Series is a line of enterprise gateways, with built in core IP PBX functionality, that intelligently integrates VoIP, TDM and cellular calling capabilities.

Engineered for flexibility, the Ivid E-Series was designed specifically so that enterprise customers can implement VoIP in their existing telephone and data networks in an easy and cost-effective way.

Want to reduce your expenses?
E-Series offers many different cost saving opportunities without costly upgrades to existing, outdated equipment.
  • Intelligent least cost routing (LCR) offers unique savings opportunities on service charges
  • Eliminate toll charges between your locations, including your home based offices and      traveling workers
  • Lower your cellular charges by routing calls in network through the optional integrated      cellular module

Worried that it’s too complicated?
E-Series was developed and built specifically with ease of implementation as the most important feature.
  • E-Series has patent pending auto-detect capabilities* and a simple to use intelligent user      interface that makes implementation simple and efficient
  • E-Series remote monitoring and supervision puts network management at your fingertips
  • Designed for interoperability, Ivid offers flexible, standards based interfaces

Concerned about reliability and security?
The E-Series provides you with peace of mind.
  • LogiTel Quality Routing (LQR)™ can route calls based on quality parameters that you define*
  • E-Series offers multiple levels of redundancy and
     fail-over between VoIP, traditional PSTN and cellular call paths
  • IPSEC encryption insures that your calls are secure and confidential

Looking for feature enhancements above and beyond your current system?

E-Series offers several valuable features uniquely integrated with core gateway functionality.
  • Enhanced auto-attendant allows for consistent, professional call handling across the entire      network
  • Built-in Voicemail includes email notification and delivery
  • Intelligent call routing allows for a company wide unified dial plan and “find me, follow me”      service

*Requires software release version 2.0 or higher.


In an enterprise network setting, the Ivid E-Series offers the best of all worlds: cost savings, quick and easy set-up, simple integration into your existing network and high-quality, reliable voice calling without the capital cost of changing your entire telephony infrastructure.

VoIP-voice over Internet protocol- is revolutionizing the way people communicate. At LogiTel, we’ve made it our mission to make your businesses’ evolution to VoIP easy.
We’re succeeding:
We’re simplifying the VoIP rEvolution.


  • Trunk hunt group support
  • Public and private dial plan support
  • Forced routing
  • Music on hold
  • Voicemail with email forwarding
  • Autoattendant support
  • Conference bridging
  • Pass-through support for calls to 800, 911,      411, etc
  • Automatic appending and stripping of digits      to dialed numbers/Caller ID
  • Call detail records with specialized reports
  • Type I and II caller ID delivery
  • Real time monitoring
  • Remote internet graphical user interface      (GUI)
  • Real least-cost routing with multiple routes
  • Answer Supervision/Disconnect
  • Backup emergency PSTN line support

  • Voice codecs: G.711, G.729ab (optional),
     GSM 06.10
  • Enhanced echo cancellation. ITU Rec. G.      168, up to 128 msec tailsize

  • Dimensions: 19”W x 1.75”H x 16”D (1U)
  • Weight: 6.8 kg (15 lbs)

  • Input Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 150 Watts Maximum

  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C
  • Storage temperature: -40-75°C
  • Operating humidity: 10-90%

• Four LAN interfaces: autosensing    10/100/1000 Mbps ethernet
• QoS support: IP TOS
• DHCP detection
• Dynamic protocol selection
• RTP IP transport
• NAT traversal
• Public, private, and abbreviated dial plan    support
• Automatic stripping and appending of digits    to dialed numbers/Caller ID

  • IP TOS (type of service)
  • Diffserv (DS)
  • Adaptive dynamic jitter buffer
  • Voice activity detection (VAD)
  • Line echo cancellation ITU G.165, ITU      G.168
  • Silence suppression


  • Central provisioning and management
  • Web-based graphical user interface (GUI);
     - integrated, no software to install
  • Alarm/fault detection
  • No need for complex arcane command line    interface

  • Encrypted TCP/IP connection for remote
     administration and upgrades
  • Embedded firewall
  • IPsec voice encryption

  • Interface:
     - T1: 1.544 Mbit/s
     - E1: 2.048 Mbit/s
  • CAS Signaling:
     - FXS/FXO loop-/ground start
     - DID lines
     - E&M immediate/wink
     - Feature Group D
  • CCS Protocols:
     - 4ESS
     - Lucent 5E
     - DMS100
     - NI-1 (National ISDN-1)
     - NI-2 (National ISDN-2)
     - EuroISDN PCM-30
  • Impedance: 120 ohms balanced; T1-100      ohms balanced
  • Analog lines (with external channel bank)

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