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Enterprise Solutions

LogiTel’s E-Series is uniquely designed to provide high quality, low cost VoIP services, as well as integrated mobility services in an enterprise environment. The E-Series provides a low cost way to seamlessly integrate corporate locations, remote users and mobile employees across the enterprise network.

The E-Series is more than a VoIP gateway. It’s an intelligent VoIP integration device (Ivid) that puts network management at your fingertips through an easy to use, intuitive user interface. The E-Series is engineered to easily drop into your existing network infrastructure, delivering call routing capabilities across multiple paths for redundancy, quality and cost savings, without requiring an overhaul to your existing network. Additionally, the E-Series allows you to extend the functionality of your existing PBX or Key System to remote and mobile devices.

Enterprise Mobility
The E-Series offers a unique, industry leading integrated cellular capability that allows users to have single number access across many devices including their desk phones, home phones and wireless phones. By integrating the wireless capabilities directly in the equipment, the E-Series significantly reduces the enterprise's expense for cellular usage.

Additionally, by registering ATA’s (analog telephone adaptors) and soft phones, the E-Series can support mobile workers wherever their jobs take them. For the enterprise looking to provide enhanced capabilities for a mobile workforce, the E-Series offers a solution that is rarely found: enhanced functionality combined with cost savings.

Flexible Migration
While VoIP and other technologies are revolutionizing communications capabilities as we know them, at LogiTel we recognize that each enterprise is uniquely positioned in terms of VoIP needs and capabilities. That’s why we designed the Ivid E-Series to offer enterprises a flexible solution. The E-Series not only adds VoIP capabilities to existing TDM networks, but can also extend the life of existing equipment. Features such as voicemail, conferencing, and enhanced auto-attendant are built into the product platform so that companies can enjoy features and functionality and avoid costly upgrades to existing equipment.

Because the E-Series is built on a robust hardware platform, with a modular design and state-of-the-art processors, it is easily upgradeable when you are ready to replace your existing PBX or Key System. Its standards based open architecture helps insure that the E-Series is interoperable with virtually all end user devices such as ATA’s and IP Phones.

All of the features and functionality of the E-Series are managed through LogiTel’s patent pending user interface to insure ease of implementation and management. While VoIP is revolutionizing the way enterprises communicate, LogiTel’s E-Series makes it easy for companies to evolve at their own pace to enjoy the cost savings, feature deployment and redundancy that VoIP can offer. We call it Simplifying the VoIP rEvolution.

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