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Carrier Solutions

The Ivid™ C-Series Series VoIP Carrier Centrex Switch is designed for service providers who want to market end-user VoIP phone service. Whether your focus is on residential applications or business services, our C-Series switch provides you with a reliable, robust and easy to implement solution as the foundation for your service offering.

The C-Series by LogiTel provides you with a low cost of entry and the capability to easily add capacity based on your success. You can have all the features necessary for your service offering up and running quickly. Plus, our patent pending intelligent user interface makes implementing and managing your services simple and efficient.

Flexible Solution
The C-Series is engineered for flexibility and delivers all the features and reliability demanded by residential and business customers. We allow you to choose the systems and applications that fit your business model and make it simple for you to integrate them into the LogiTel switching intelligence. Standards based API’s make integration with existing applications, such as end user billing or management systems, quick and easy.

Built on a modular platform, the C-Series can logically integrate each module that you add as you grow. As a result, the C-Series delivers the capacity you need with the flexibility to geographically distribute your network. This design can play a valuable role in critical elements of your disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Additionally, the C-Series’ Least Cost Routing functionality serves as an easy to use tool to control your traffic. It provides for easy configuration and management of complex VoIP /PSTN /Cellular routing infrastructures and will allow any combination of inbound and outbound PSTN, Cellular and VoIP calls with dynamic codec switching and codec negotiation.

Key Operational Features
In addition to the traditional conversion of TDM telephony to IP telephony, the C-Series carrier centrex switch provides a flexible and scalable overall VoIP solution. It can be fully integrated with other LogiTel products as well as an expansive list of third party equipment. Operational features and functionality include:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly GUI interface (patent pending)
  • Initial configuration supports 1,000 simultaneous calls
  • Support for multiple direct VoIP termination & local E1/T1 ISDN/PRI lines
  • Unlimited dial-plans
  • Support for SIP VoIP protocol
  • G711, GSM 06.10 and G.729ab (optional) codecs capable of operating concurrently
  • Flexible dialing plans and routing tables to allow custom routing
  • Provides time based routing and LCR support
  • 911 Priority Routing with Call Preemption
  • E911 Support
Innovative Solution, Quick Return On Investment and Low Cost of Ownership

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